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    https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/wr5m48/episode_audio_3B958126-B765-438D-8383-13D3E8E5DA04.m4a Depression and Anxiety can steal away the joy of life! This Podcast is the first in this category dealing with children’s issues relating to depression and anxiety.  There will be more podcasts to follow in relation to the other things mentioned.  

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    Mental Health Issues

      To start with let’s look at two of the most common forms of mental health issues. Depression Depression this can be mild to moderate and it can lead to severe depression which can take a long time to recover from and in some cases a person may never fully recover. Most people will, through life’s journey, experience a sadness relating to a variety of upsets such as a bereavement, a partnership break-up such as divorce, feel fed-up perhaps because of a big disappointment such as not getting that promotion. But usually with time most people come to terms with their loss or sadness, disappointments and move on with their…