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    Your Happiness

      Being happy with your life reflects contentment.  However, what if you find there are certain areas in your life you feel at odds with, not completely satisfied. Everyone has their own view of the world and their own personal happiness.  Take a look at this PDF to see if you feel any of it applies to you.   ©Mental Therapy Online

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    Be Mentally Empowered!

      Having faith in our abilities and decisions can sometimes take a step backwards when we lose our confidence or feel we are no longer in control of what we do, think or feel.  I have put together a PDF that can be downloaded and kept to keep motivation rolling and renew self-confidence. Be mentally empowered and walk tall! Click here for free PDF  

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    Confidence Boost for Kids

      Do you think your child has lost their confidence?  How can you as a parent or other third party help them recover their self-esteem? A plan needs to be put in place and the first step is to ask the child what it is they want to achieve. This will help them to deal with the issue(s) they are experiencing.  Several things will happen once the child has explained what they want at the end of the process: Firstly, by drawing up a plan the child’s progress can be measured to see how they are coping with achieving their outcome. Secondly, the parent or another third party will feel…

  • Debt Issues
    Pod Casts

    Debt Issues

        https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/fjqgsw/episode_audio_2CA8D1F5-E0C6-4F7B-8AFA-923266A1B60B.m4a Serious debt issues need to be handled and resolved.  There are options available to pay off debt for instance reduced monthly payments agreed with creditors or a plan where 80% of debt is written off and the rest paid over a period of time, usually 5 to 6 years. Debt worry can cause mental and physical illness and it makes the person extremely anxious and unhappy.  Get help and start back on the road to becoming debt-free, it’s not easy but at least at the end of the day you will have peace of mind and that is worth its weight in gold! Here are two websites…

  • Toxic Workplace
    Pod Casts

    The Toxic Workplace

    https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/7ayx3b/episode_audio_85C678D2-A65A-480B-91A2-F5C464445E82.m4a   Most of us have to work until retirement age and that is a long time.  It is therefore essential for our health that we are working in a comfortable environment and not dreading going to work with each new day. Here is the link to the bbc website mentioned at the end of the track.  

  • Anxiety and Depression
    Pod Casts

    Depression and Anxiety Podcast

    https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/wr5m48/episode_audio_3B958126-B765-438D-8383-13D3E8E5DA04.m4a Depression and Anxiety can steal away the joy of life! This Podcast is the first in this category dealing with children’s issues relating to depression and anxiety.  There will be more podcasts to follow in relation to the other things mentioned.  

  • Relaxation at the ocean
    Pod Casts

    Walk on the Beach

      https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/jafzdw/August_Walk_on_the_beach_4_mins.mp3 The sound of the sea is always soothing and that is why it is used in hypnosis sessions.  Water is a calming element and it is refreshing and reflects cleanliness. I hope you enjoy and this helps you to relax, just allow your thoughts to drift away as if the sea breeze has carried them away and let yourself go into a deep restful state. © All copyrights reserved    

  • Phobias Agoraphobia
    Mental Disorders

    Phobias – Agoraphobia – Social Anxiety Disorder

    Phobia A phobia is an anxiety disorder it is a fear of an object, animal, a place, feeling or situation. A phobia is born when someone has an unrealistic or exaggerated sense of danger in relation to a situation or object. In cases where the phobia has become severe, the person will arrange their daily life avoiding the cause of the anxiety. This can result in a restricted lifestyle because things that the person could be enjoying will be self-denied. Symptoms include:  Nausea Dizziness Lightheaded Sweating Upset stomach shaking or trembling Short of breath These are some simple common phobias: Dogs, spiders, snakes, rodents’ Deepwater Heights Dentists Flying Blood Having…

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