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I am a life coach who has studied CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Child Counselling and Child Anxiety over the past three years.  I now have diplomas in all of these subjects and I am a Member of ACCPH (accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists).   My profile for this association can be viewed here.

Life can be pretty hectic these days and sometimes it can bring ups and downs causing stress and anxiety.  These type of issues can lead to severe depression that can affect our lives both mentally and physically.  Subsequently, this can lead to more serious problems in all areas of our lives.

Sometimes, matters can become overwhelming and a feeling of being lost on how to cope can take hold leaving a sense of hopelessness.  When this happens a helping hand can guide and help someone back on track to normality.

Happiness and contentment are essential for our mental well-being.  Do not allow stress, anxiety or depression to steal this away.

My services offer a friendly, empathetic online counselling session, either by telephone chat or email.  A Skype/WhatsApp video call can be arranged.  Confidentially is of utmost importance and all data verbally and hard copy is protected in the client’s interest.

There will be links to other resources and websites that may be of interest.  These links will include websites that offer further and helpful advice.

If you need urgent advice on mental health, in general, please visit Mind here.

Please note I am not an affiliate to any of the links contained in this website.




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